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Review By Chris Hausman
The value in knowing synthetic relationships is profound. It can help any trader or asset manager see though the weeds and make better decisions with clarity. 

Knowledge of synthetic relationships is a dying art of the new-world trader. Tony always emphasized the power of studying option synthetics as a way to separate yourself from the crowd. 
From a Former Student
Review By Par Sanda
When I was 25 I was sent from Sweden to Chicago to learn option trading for one of the largest banks in Sweden. I did not know that meeting Tony would change my life forever. Tony’s way of trading follows a very smart and much tested way of doing things. 

He is the real thing. I feel that I use relative value, position discipline and keep your inventory fresh concepts in all ways of my businesses. His teachings give value far beyond daily options trading. I feel that I have a better life from many of the things I learned from him. I feel that he has been a big part of my success. I hope and believe you can have the same experience.

"What really sets Managing Expectations apart is that it is a book written by a trader who learned option theory through trading. Yes, the book offers plenty of option theory, but it does so from the perspective of a trader."

Jack Schwager, Author "Market Wizards"

"I believe this book will be considered the new options trading bible."

Brian Shannon, AlphaTrends

"I think it's going to be the new standard by which all options books are judged."

Jared Dillian, Author of "Street Freak" & Mauldin's 10th Man

"Saliba is an options master and if you have a desire to learn chess rather than checkers, you may want to pick up his new book."

Dan Collins, Editor in Chief Modern Trader magazine
What's inside the Free book
Over 200 pages of trading wisdom
There are a multitude of the incredibly beneficial things that you are going to learn inside of this book. 

Here are just a few...
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • How to find the right trades to suit your trading capital, tolerance for risk, and psychological makeup. These must align, or else you have a built-in time bomb.  
  • How to rid yourself of low probability trade set-ups and put the odds for success in your favor.  
  • Learn how a professional option trader sees the markets from trading for almost 40 years including crashes and manias. 
Page 19. How to trade around a core position with the flexibility of options and better manage your trading P&L. You can turn from bullish to bearish in one click.
Page 47. Learn the tactics of how to put a trade on in relation to where the chart is for the underlying security to best understand risk and reward.
Page 39. On this page, Tony demonstrates what to do with your position when the Implied Volatility and Greek values change.
Page 111. Actual trade simulations on every strategy so you can see the tradeoffs BEFORE you put the trade on. 
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